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VIDEO: Edmonton Real Estate Takes Off in February 2024

Edmonton Real Estate Statistics for February 2024

Watch our latest video blog episode as Jay Lewis and Josh Tagg discuss the intriguing shifts in the Edmonton real estate market for February 2024. In this detailed analysis, they dive into the latest statistics that paint a vivid picture of a market rapidly transitioning into a seller’s domain. With homes selling at unprecedented speeds and inventory levels struggling to keep pace with buyer demand, Jay and Josh offer their expert insights on what this means for buyers, sellers, and the market overall. Whether you’re contemplating diving into the market or just keeping an eye on the trends, this episode provides essential information on the current state of real estate in Edmonton, offering clarity and direction in these dynamic times. Don’t miss out on their valuable analysis and tips on navigating this bustling market.

The Edmonton Real Estate Market: A Rapid Shift to Sellers

The Edmonton real estate landscape has experienced a remarkable shift as of February 2024, with the dynamics tilting heavily towards a seller’s market. This change is underscored by a significant disparity between the supply and demand of homes. Jay Lewis and Josh Tagg have meticulously analyzed the latest statistics, compared to last month and last year, revealing a market that moves at a breakneck speed, with homes selling faster than anticipated. The current inventory stands at 4,805 listings, which may seem adequate at a glance. However, a closer look at the incoming listings versus sold properties presents a starkly different picture, indicative of a market under strain and in rapid evolution.

Edmonton Real Estate Inventory February 2024

Buyer Behaviour: A Reaction to Market Dynamics

The reaction from buyers in response to the evolving market conditions has been swift and pronounced. With the number of new listings not keeping pace with the sold properties, potential homeowners are finding themselves in a position where urgency and quick decision-making have become paramount. The statistics discussed by Jay and Josh, highlighting 1,645 new listings against 2,150 sold properties within just 30 days, paint a clear picture of a market where demand outstrips supply. This section delves into the psychology behind the buyer’s behaviour, the increasing occurrence of multiple offers, and the strategic moves buyers are making to secure a home in this competitive landscape.

Edmonton Real Estate Sales All Residential Feburary 2024

Analyzing Pricing Trends and Their Impact

The adjustment in pricing within the Edmonton real estate market provides an insightful window into the state of the economy and buyer sentiment. February’s data reveals a telling story of price adjustments and an uptick in median prices across various residential property types. This segment breaks down the numbers, offering a detailed analysis of the price trends, including a 2.1% month-over-month and a notable 12% year-over-year change in median prices. Jay and Josh’s examination extends to dissecting these trends by property type, revealing the nuanced shifts and what they mean for both buyers and sellers moving forward.

The Edmonton real estate market is diverse, with various property types catering to a wide range of preferences and budgets. Understanding how each segment is performing can provide buyers and sellers with valuable insights into where the market is heading. Below, we delve into the specifics of detached homes, semi-detached homes, townhouses, and apartments, including their median prices and how they’ve changed over time.

Detached Homes

Detached homes continue to be a sought-after property type in Edmonton, known for offering privacy and space. The median price for detached homes has seen a noticeable increase, reflecting the high demand in this segment. With a 3.3% M/M increase and an 8.5% Y/Y growth, it’s clear that detached homes are a hot commodity. This rise in prices is indicative of a competitive market where buyers are willing to pay a premium for the benefits that come with owning a detached property.

Edmonton Real Estate Sales Detached Feburary 2024

Semi-Detached Homes

Semi-detached homes offer a balance between the autonomy of a detached home and the affordability of a townhouse. The market for semi-detached homes in Edmonton has shown resilience, with a moderate increase in median prices. Although the M/M change shows a slight adjustment, the Y/Y increase of 6.5% suggests steady long-term growth. This property type remains attractive to buyers looking for a middle ground in terms of price and space.

Edmonton Real Estate Sales Duplex Feburary 2024


Townhouses in Edmonton represent a viable option for those seeking affordability without compromising on space. The segment has experienced a robust 7% M/M and 14% Y/Y increase in median prices, highlighting the growing appeal of townhouses among buyers. The significant year-over-year growth suggests that townhouses are becoming an increasingly popular choice, particularly for first-time buyers and those looking to downsize.

Edmonton Real Estate Sales Townhouse Feburary 2024


Apartments offer an entry point into the real estate market for many buyers, particularly in urban areas. In Edmonton, apartments have seen a 1.2% M/M increase in median prices, though the Y/Y change indicates a slight decline. This trend could suggest that while there’s short-term interest in apartments, broader market factors and preferences may be impacting their overall appeal. The apartment segment’s performance will be important to watch for indications of shifting buyer priorities.

Edmonton Real Estate Sales Apartments Condos Feburary 2024

Each property type in Edmonton’s real estate market presents unique opportunities and challenges for buyers and sellers. By keeping an eye on these trends, stakeholders can make informed decisions tailored to their specific needs and goals. The diversity within the market ensures that there are options available for a wide range of preferences and budgets, contributing to the dynamic and vibrant nature of Edmonton’s real estate landscape.

Market Predictions: What’s Next for Edmonton?

With the market currently favouring sellers and inventory levels dropping, speculation about the future of Edmonton’s real estate market is rampant. This section explores Jay and Josh’s predictions, informed by current trends and external economic factors such as potential interest rate changes. They discuss the implications of these shifts for the market in the coming months, providing a forecast that is essential for anyone looking to engage with the Edmonton real estate market. Their insights offer a glimpse into what could be expected in terms of pricing, inventory, and buying trends, setting the stage for strategic planning for both buyers and sellers.

Navigating the Seller’s Market: Strategies for Success

In a market that’s increasingly favouring sellers, understanding how to navigate the buying or selling process can make a significant difference. For buyers, this means being prepared to act quickly. Pre-approval for mortgages, flexible showing times, and decisive decision-making are more crucial than ever. Jay and Josh emphasize the importance of buyers understanding their must-haves versus nice-to-haves, allowing them to make swift offers on properties that meet their essential criteria.

For sellers, the current market conditions offer a unique opportunity to maximize the return on their investment. Pricing strategies become a delicate balance between attracting multiple offers and setting realistic expectations based on market analysis. Sellers should also consider the timing of their sale and the presentation of their property, including staging and professional photography, to stand out in a market that, despite favouring sellers, still demands attention to detail to achieve top dollar.

The Role of Real Estate Professionals in a Dynamic Market

Jay Lewis and Josh Tagg also highlight the invaluable role that real estate professionals play in a market as dynamic as Edmonton’s. For buyers, agents can provide real-time updates on new listings, insider market knowledge, and negotiation expertise. For sellers, an experienced realtor can craft a compelling listing, market the property effectively, and navigate multiple offers to secure the best possible outcome. In both cases, the guidance of a knowledgeable professional can be the difference between success and missed opportunities.

As Edmonton’s real estate market continues to evolve, the need for current, expert advice has never been greater. Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer, a seasoned investor, or looking to sell your property, understanding the market’s nuances is key to making informed decisions.

In conclusion, the Edmonton real estate market is undergoing significant shifts, with current trends heavily favouring sellers. However, opportunities abound for both buyers and sellers willing to navigate the market with strategy, speed, and the right guidance. By staying informed and prepared, participants in this market can look forward to successful transactions and exciting new beginnings in their chosen homes.

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