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Edmonton’s Real Estate Market: Insights from December 2023

Josh Jay December Edmonton Real Estate Stats


Exploring Edmonton’s Real Estate Market: Insights and Surprises from December 2023

Welcome to our deep dive into Edmonton’s real estate market, where we unravel the exciting and sometimes surprising trends that shaped the landscape in December 2023. Whether you’re a potential homebuyer, a real estate enthusiast, or just curious about market dynamics, this blog has something for everyone!

A Look at the Numbers: Edmonton vs. Calgary

December 2023 was not just another month in Edmonton’s real estate calendar. It marked significant changes, with house prices jumping by 6.2%. To put things into perspective, the average price for all residential properties was approximately 373,000 CAD. Comparatively, Calgary’s market was almost 50% higher, with the average price there reaching about 540,000 CAD. This comparison not only highlights the growth in Edmonton but also sets the stage for understanding the unique market conditions in both cities.

edmonton home prices up 6.3%

Detached Homes: The Rising Stars

Detached homes in Edmonton saw a notable increase of 3.9%, reaching an average price of 485,000 CAD. The trend was even more pronounced when compared to Calgary, where detached homes were priced at an astonishing 734,000 CAD. This significant difference of around 250,000 CAD between the two cities points to Edmonton’s potential for growth and investment opportunities.

townhome sales up the most in edmonton

The Surge in Townhouse Popularity

One of the more intriguing aspects of December’s real estate landscape was the performance of townhouses. These properties have become a hot commodity, averaging around 260,000 CAD, up by about 10% year over year. Despite a slight dip of 4% for the month, the demand for townhouses in Edmonton indicates a shifting preference among buyers, possibly due to their affordability and convenience.

Population Growth: A Key Driver

A critical factor influencing Edmonton’s real estate market is the rapid population growth in Alberta, which is currently the fastest-growing in Canada. Between July and September alone, 17,000 people moved from other parts of the country to Alberta, contributing to the increasing demand for housing. This influx is driven not only by the province’s job opportunities but also by its overall appeal as a place to live and work.

population growth is a big factor in home prices

Interest Rates and the Market Outlook

The anticipation of interest rate changes by the Bank of Canada is creating a buzz in the market. There’s a general expectation that rates might start to decrease around mid-year, which could bring more buyers back into the market. This potential shift could have a significant impact on sales and the overall health of the real estate sector.

Edmonton: More Than Just Housing

Beyond the numbers and market analysis, there’s a vibrant city life that makes Edmonton an attractive place to live. The city’s NHL team, the Oilers, have been showing impressive performance, adding to the city’s appeal. This combination of a strong real estate market and a lively urban atmosphere makes Edmonton a unique and exciting place to call home.

In conclusion, Edmonton’s real estate market in December 2023 presents a fascinating case study of growth, opportunity, and the interplay of various factors. From the rise in property prices to the impact of population dynamics and the anticipation of interest rate changes, Edmonton is undoubtedly a market to watch.




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