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Mortgage Rates Likely to Stay High Until 2025


In a recent interview with BNN Bloomberg, David Dodge, a senior advisor at Bennett Jones and former Bank of Canada Governor, highlighted the likelihood of a prolonged period of elevated interest rates in Canada. This forecast has significant implications for the mortgage and real estate sectors, as borrowers and investors alike brace for an evolving economic landscape.

Despite recent signs of a modest cooldown in Canada’s economy, Dodge emphasized the necessity for the Bank of Canada (BoC) to maintain higher interest rates in its pursuit of achieving a two percent inflation target rate. He outlined that this strategy is crucial for steering the country’s economy toward stability and sustainable growth. “It’s going to be a long period of what would be considered elevated interest rates,” Dodge remarked, indicating that this trend will likely persist until at least 2025.

The Journey to a 2.0% Inflation Rate

The journey toward achieving the BoC’s inflation target is expected to be intricate and challenging. Dodge highlighted the complexity of reducing inflation from its current three percent level to the desired two percent threshold. He stressed the importance of the central bank staying the course and continuing with its current approach to monetary policy.

“It makes it very hard to achieve disinflation when we continue to have growth and when we continue to have, by historical standards, pretty robust labour markets,” Dodge explained. This insight sheds light on the delicate balance that the BoC must strike between controlling inflation and fostering economic expansion.

Strong Employment Means High Calgary Mortgage Broker Rates

Dodge’s perspective on the driving forces behind this prolonged period of elevated interest rates is insightful for those in the mortgage and real estate sectors. He anticipates that excess demand will stem from shifting demographic trends and evolving global dynamics. As the baby boomer generation ages, there is likely to be reduced savings, resulting in increased demand across various sectors, including real estate. Moreover, the ongoing adjustments necessitated by climate change and technological advancements are expected to drive higher levels of investment, contributing to sustained economic growth.

Measured Growth Amidst Higher Interest Rates

While Dodge forecasts slower overall economic growth at around one percent, his outlook suggests a resilient and steadily advancing economy. This measured growth, despite the prolonged period of higher interest rates, indicates the underlying strength of Canada’s economic fundamentals.

For those looking for mortgages and real estate, this anticipated trajectory of interest rates underscores the need for careful financial planning and strategic decision-making. Borrowers should consider the potential impact of higher interest rates on their mortgage repayments, while investors and property buyers may need to adapt their strategies to align with a changing economic environment.

Canada’s prospects of experiencing elevated interest rates until 2025, as highlighted by former Bank of Canada Governor David Dodge, carry implications that ripple through the realms of mortgages and real estate. The BoC’s commitment to achieving its inflation target rate underscores the importance of a balanced approach to monetary policy. As the country navigates through demographic shifts and global transformations, stakeholders in the real estate and mortgage sectors are poised to adapt, ensuring their financial well-being in a dynamic economic landscape.



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