Mortgage Refinances

You’ve worked hard building equity in your home. But refinancing your mortgage in Canada is not straight forward. It will benefit most people to have a trusted guide by their side while making this decision. Mortgages For Less is ready to apply our expertise in order to be a pivot part of your refinance process.

Here’s how we can help:

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Tap Into Our Years of  Expertise

From navigating the intricate paperwork to tapping into a vast network of lenders, Mortgages For Less simplifies the process, ensuring you make the most informed decision for your financial future. Don’t leave potential savings on the table.


Expertise and Custom Solutions

We have a deep understanding of the lending market and can provide insights into which products and lenders might be best suited to a homeowner’s specific needs and circumstances. We can tailor solutions for you, whether it’s consolidating debt, accessing home equity, or securing a lower interest rate.


Navigating the Application Process

Refinancing a mortgage involves a lot of paperwork, and the application process can be daunting. Mortgages For Less will help gather the necessary documentation, fill out the application, and liaise with the lender, simplifying and streamlining the process for the homeowner.


We work for you, not the bank!

We Have Access To Many Lenders

Mortgages For Less has access to a vast network of lenders, including major banks, credit unions, and alternative lending institutions. This means we can shop around on your behalf, ensuring you get the most competitive rates and terms available. In contrast, a bank can only offer its own products, potentially limiting your options.


Access to a Variety of Lenders

  • One of the most significant advantages of using a mortgage broker is their access to a wide range of lenders, from big banks to credit unions and alternative lenders. This means they can shop around on behalf of the homeowner to find the best refinancing rates and terms available. Directly approaching a single bank may not yield the most competitive rates.

We don't work for your bank

  • The Bank will only sell you their own products. These are often not competitive, and will not always have the best policies. By letting us shop for you we can find the best product, with the best rate. A CUSTOM fit mortgage.

Unbiased Advice

  • Mortgages For Less is an independent licensed mortgage brokerage. Our primary allegiance is to you, our clients, not to a particular lender. This means we can offer unbiased advice, focusing solely on what’s best for you. A bank representative, on the other hand, is employed by the bank and may prioritize their institution’s interests.
Choosing the best mortgage on the market. Guidance and help to navigate the different mortgage options. Comparing interest rates and fees, reviewing lender reputation, understanding preferences.
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We Provide Honest Advice Regarding Penalties and Fees

As mentioned previously, there can be costs associated with refinancing, such as prepayment penalties. At Mortgages For Less we provide clarity on these costs, helping homeowners understand the overall financial implications of refinancing. They can guide clients on whether refinancing makes financial sense after factoring in all associated costs.


Prepayment Penalties:

Many mortgages come with penalties if you pay them off before the end of the term. When refinancing, homeowners are effectively paying off their old mortgage and replacing it with a new one. If you are breaking your mortgage term early, you might be hit with significant prepayment penalties, especially if you are on a fixed-rate mortgage. This can erode the financial benefits of refinancing.


Structuring the Mortgage Effectively

We can provide advice on mortgage features that might be beneficial. For example, we might recommend a home equity line of credit (HELOC) combined with a mortgage, or we might suggest a certain type of mortgage term or payment structure that aligns with your financial goals and minimizes costs.

Using a Mortgage Broker Instead of a Bank

When you go to a bank, the only products you’ll hear about are the ones they are certified to sell you, and the only solutions they’ll mention are the ones that benefit you as well as the bank. But when you talk with a Calgary Mortgage Broker, you’ll learn about every lender and solution out there! And we can tell you which lenders will or will not approve you. All with one application and one credit check! We are here to compare and contrast every option available so you can make the most informed decision with the greatest degree of confidence.


One application, dozens of lenders


We shop for the best rate for you


We work for you, not the bank!

Are You Wanting Personalized Help? Schedule a One-on-One Consultation

Personalized Service is what we do BEST! Mortgages for Less prides itself on our team of problem solving agents. We will answer all your questions, and guide you along this path to home ownership. We aren’t scary! We promise.

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