First Time Home Buyers

Mortgage Brokers vs. the Banks

Have you ever gotten quotes for your car insurance? Most people use a broker tMortgage Broker Calgaryo find the best rates and coverage. Why should your mortgage be any different. More and more first time home buyers are now turning to a mortgage broker because mortgage brokers have some of the lowest mortgage rates in Canada. Also, with a broker you can be aware of the differences between many different lenders and their pre-payment options, products and terms rather than being sold only one bank’s brand.

Using a Broker and getting advice is Free

Mortgage Brokers get paid by the financial institution that ends up providing your mortgage. Most lenders pay about the same so there no bias. Products, Rates and Service are the biggest factors in placing your mortgage and a qualified mortgage professionals will explain your options to you while ultimately letting you select the product that suits your family the best.