About Us

Alberta Mortgage Brokers – Independent Mortgage SpecialistsCalgary Mortgage Broker Josh Tagg

As a Mortgage Broker licensed by The Real Estate Council of Alberta, we are independent mortgage specialists and help hundreds of clients each year with their mortgage financing. We access funds from many banks, mortgage companies, trust companies and private lenders.

Best Rates!

We want to assist all Alberta residents in getting the best rates and the best mortgages in the country. We don’t need to ask Alberta clients if they want the best rates, as we assume each client wants the best rate they can qualify for.

Straight Forward Approach

Alberta residents have come to trust the mortgage advice coming from Mortgages for Less and value the straight forward approach offered by the firm. We tend to get right down business so we don’t waste your time. Unlike some bank lenders, we tell you what we can do rather than what we cannot.
But if your current circumstances do not allow you to qualify for a mortgage or if it would be best financially to wait for a period of time, we will continue to work with you to put things in order so you can get a mortgage as soon as possible down the road.

Each Client is Unique

Of course, each client has a unique set of circumstances and our job as Mortgage Brokers is to match those circumstances with the mortgage best suited to those circumstances. That is why we typically ask quite a few questions to ensure we know what it is our clients need. In the process, we want each of our clients to understand what they are doing so they can be an active participant in choosing the best mortgage for them.

Free Mortgage Quote and Credit Analysis

After reviewing yur current mortgage needs, we will discuss interest rates, fixed versus variable rates, credit issues, penalties, prepayment options and then develop a mortgage strategy that will keep interest, bank fees, and penalties to a minimum for the entire term of your mortgage.

Here is a short list of the types of mortgages and services we offer to Alberta residents:

  • Mortgages for Purchases and Renewals
  • Mortgages for the Self Employed
  • Mortgages for Rental Properties
  • Mortgages for Debt Consolidations
  • Equity Take-out 1st, 2nd & 3rd Mortgages
  • Mortgages for Second Homes or Vacation Properties
  • Debt Recovery and Repair Programs

First Class Personalized Service – Let’s Get Started

If you live in Alberta and are looking to refinance your mortgage, are purchasing a home or just need to talk about mortgages or are searching for a Alberta Mortgage Broker that will give you first class, personalized financial service, give us a call or contact us by email and let’s get started.