Interest Rate Projections

Canadians appear to be getting their household debt in order. And that’s showing up on the bottom line at the big banks. After some 15 years of fuelling bank profits, consumer loans are on the decline. Q2 earnings reports from Canada’s major banks start...

Is CMHC going to change? Probably.

The debate surrounding CMHC – and what the government should do with the Crown Corporation’s mortgage insurance arm – is nothing new. For more than a decade – maybe even two – the mortgage industry, and others, have discussed the special treatment CMHC receives – particularly with its 100% government guarantee.

Not all Variable Rates are the Same!

Choosing the mortgage that's right for you involves a little bit more than merely deciding whether you're a fixed or variable type of person – particularly if you opt for a variable rate mortgage.<br><br>
It's not enough to choose a variable rate mortgage based solely on rate – you also have to consider what type of variable rate you'd prefer. Below is a breakdown of the most common types: